Looking back in the ’20s, people use physical servers to store data. It’s not questionable, because still in the 21’st century some people are using it for their business. As it is a physical server, so it needs a particular room to store. If accidentally a high-frequency wave strikes, then be sure to get your business shattered down at once.

Now, it seems to be like all your work can go down with a single disaster, but worry not. Here we are, introducing a “virtual server”, a smart solution to all your problems. Virtual Server!!! What is Virtual Server? How it can make a difference, and a wave of questions will arise in your mind. Let’s have an answer to them below.

What is virtual server
What is Virtual Server?

What Is Virtual Server?

You must be thinking that a Virtual Server maybe like a cloud server, not probably wrong at all.

It’s a server that stores all its resources into physical and dedicated hardware that can be easily accessible from anywhere. The virtual server is one of the efficient and cost-effective processes of storing data in the 21st century.

You can have multiple servers in a particular hardware, making it more cost-effective and reliable than a dedicated server.

Now you must be thinking that if that single hardware gets corrupted then. There’s a solution for it too, you can use two physical servers, so if one gets wrecked, then get all your data backup in minutes. This server is much cost-effective, reliable, highly available, etc.…

What Does Physical Server Mean?

In simple words, your computer is a physical server. It is so because all your data stored in your CPU that is working as a server. Although, this isn’t the limit as companies used several small servers to make a large physical server. In some parts, it seems to be safe but the main problems arose when you try to upgrade or migrate data. It’s the reason why people are opting for a virtual server. 

Virtual Server Vs Physical Server (What are the Variations?)


 A Virtual Server does not need too abundant electricity, as well as you no need for third-party support, which makes it more cost-efficient than a physical server.


A virtual server takes seconds in data replication, which is much faster than a physical server.


Data restoration becomes faster and safer, as you can reload it from the other server. This case is not possible in the physical server.


Migrating your resources from one device to another becomes simple in a Virtual server. In the case of a physical server, migration is to time taking and costly.


A virtual server gives you the control panel that makes it facile for you to maintain all the information. Whereas, in a physical server, you need a particular room, air conditioner, and many more things to manage.

Data Backup

If you are using a virtual server, then sit relaxed as data backup can be done effortlessly, without losing a single file. In a physical server, once the data is lost can’t be restored.


A virtual server gives you perform amazingly, and disaster covering that makes it reliable and secure than a physical server.

What is a VPS?

We have discussed Virtual Server, now what’s a virtual private server. You can say a Virtual Dedicated Server and Virtual Private servers are the same. In this case, a single physical server will run multiple operating systems.

Don’t get your brain jumbled, because here are some tips that will surely help you in choosing the best VPS hosting for your work. Have a look to know in detail.

Amazing Tips to Pick a Best VPS Hosting

Tips to make it constrain while selecting a VPS:

Management- easier

There are two types of VPS hosting, Fully managed and self-managed. In managed VPS, the service provider will handle all the background work like updates, security, patches, etc. Whereas self-managed services, the control panel can be accessed by you, so the choice is yours. 


Always remember that in VPS, you will get the services for which you have paid. The cost depends on the choice you have made, like managed or self-managed server, cost, and specification.


Better to select only the space that you need. So now choose the number of processors, RAM, Storage space and type, and bandwidth.

Customer support-

As it is a service, so you can face difficulty at any moment, for that service provider should offer 24×7 customer support services.


Technology is developing in a fraction of seconds, thus to compete in the market, everything should be up to date. Check for the scalability, is it offering up-gradation of space and system.

Let’s make your work easier, here are few best options for VPS hosting offered by FlickMax. One best thing about them, they provide unlimited bandwidth in every package.

Here you will also get 2x Intel E5- 2620v3, 15M cache, 2x 600GB HDD. Moreover, 5000 SMTP relays, Data backup, 1-year SSL certificate.

Windows VPS Hosting

First of all, Windows VPS is one of the demandable VPS systems. The price is a bit higher although most people opt for it. Reasons behind opting for a Windows VPS are:

  1. You will get regular updates.
  2. The support system is more sparse than Linux.
  3. Simple to use. wider
  4. You don’t have to learn complicated programming.

Not every company is reliable and secure, but you can breathe with ease because FlickMax is offering you unlimited bandwidth at an affordable price.

Moreover, you will also get a powerful Intel processor, free MySQL server version 2012, and 2014, which gives you root access and multiple location facilities.

Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS is mostly chosen by expert programmers as they can manage it. Here are a few reasons behind choosing a Linux VPS:

  1. It saves your penny.
  2. Unlimited usage as it is open-source.
  3. Need to learn some high-level programming languages.

If you purchase Linux VPS from FlickMax, then be assured to get unlimited bandwidth. This unlimited bandwidth means you can handle millions of customers at once. Furthermore, you will be using the latest Intel processors and free MySQL server.

Overall, here we have learned What is Virtual Server and its differences. What is VPS, and tips to select the best VPS server? Also, we have suggested one of the best VPS hosting service providers. Hope this information will help what’s best for you.

Choose Windows or Linux VPS, FlickMax is having several best offers available in the market. We know your every penny worth, so the customer support of FlickMax is ready to help you 24×7. Now, it’s up to you so buy what’s best for your business.

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