If you are a newbie in hosting planet and want to build websites and manage hosting servers, then before learning anything, 1st you have to know about hosting, its types, and the working process. Let’s start with Linux, What is Linux hosting?

Linux Hosting is a web hosting process, where Linux OS is used as the hosting platform for your site. Moreover, it is one of the cheapest web hosting process and a widely used open-source OS used throughout the world. It is an open-source OS, which means you are free to modify the codes and give it a new look. 

cPanel is used as the control management application for Linux OS also supports several hundred third-party applications within it. Linux seems to be similar to the Windows operating system, but for using a Linux OS, you should know programming languages. Linux Hosting is inexpensive, faster, and reliable.

What Is cPanel Hosting?

In this article, we will be learning about Linux Hosting, and how does it work? Let’s start with a brief knowledge of what is Linux Hosting.

What is Linux Hosting?

As we have discussed above, a Web hosting service that used Linux as Operating System for designing and hosting is called Linux Hosting. Linux Hosting comes with managed and unmanaged servers so that everyone can afford it. A managed Linux hosting is for those who don’t have much IT knowledge. In this case, the server will be overseen and maintained by the hosting provider. Linux uses cPanel as integrated management software that let you make any changes required on your server or site.

The Working Process of Linux Hosting

Now, it’s time to understand the working process of Linux Hosting and its features.

Linux is a free and open-source operating system, so when offered as a hosting OS, then it becomes lenient and inexpensive to handle. When you purchase Linux as a Web Hosting service, then you will get a virtual server for working with a Linux OS. 

After that, if you are having a pre-built site, then instantly install it, and other software then starts working. In case you face any difficulty, then feel free to contact the customer support team.

Features of Linux Hosting:


Linux Hosting needs lesser storage for installation, but your site needs the space as per the usage. So, while buying a Linux Hosting server, you should look out for RAM, processor, hard disk, and bandwidth. Here you will get two options for hard disk SSD and HDD, so go for the one which makes you comfortable. 

Application Support:

Alike, to Windows, Linux OS supports every application possible some come as integrated and others you have to install from the web. It is an open-source operating system, so offers you every comfort required to host your site. 


In comparison to other OS, Linux is more reliable, as you will be getting maximum control in hand. It is a more fast, adaptable, and stable OS with many great functionalities. 

Easy to Use:

If you are well acquainted with programming and IT, then Linux will be one of the indulgent operating systems for web hosting. Moreover, cPanel will make your work compassionate, letting you change whatever is required. 

Advance IT Team: 

Linux is a highly used OS in the glove, so having a common platform where every problem gets resolved. Furthermore, the service provider also offers you with 24×7 support team to resolve all queries. 

Linux Hosting Pricing (Suggested)

Linux is a free and open-source operating system, so it doesn’t cost anything. Whereas, Linux Hosting costs cheaper than any other OS.

Other Hosting Operating System like Linux

If you aren’t comfortable with Linux OS as a hosting server, then here are some other OS that would make you adequate.


Windows is one of the most lenient, and more than 70% of the user worldwide uses it as their OS. If Linux isn’t your game, then go for Windows, here you will be getting the same security level, even apparent to handle with a cPanel.


CentOS is available in several versions, so choose the one comfortable. A web hosting that supports CentOS as its operating system is called CentOS Hosting. 


After Windows and Linux, Ubuntu is another highly used and reliable operating system. It is an open-source OS as Linux with Debian platform or can be called the hybrid product of Linux and Debian. 

Debian 8

Debian is another OS supporting several hundred software and web hosting on it. It provides a user-friendly and layman platform so that with a little IT knowledge, you can handle your site.

We hope the above data will help you to understand every aspect of what is Linux Hosting in detail. Nothing to worry, if you don’t know Linux because FlickMax offers you two other options like managed hosting and several other OS, like Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. Think before you take your step, and get the dept thing you want.

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