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Open My Linux Hosting Account

Here you will find the methods of logging into your FlickMax account and get a Dashboard for your Linux Hosting Account. 

  • For this, you have to visit FlickMax Product Page.
  • Seek for Web Hosting below that, you will find the Manage option, so click on it.
  • Finally, you reached the Dashboard for Linux Hosting Account. 

Related Steps:

  • If you want to move on cPanel Home Page, then click on cPanel Admin. Need help, then check cPanel documentation. 
  • Click phpMyAdmin to go directly to the phpMyAdmin home page for the account. For help, see the phpMyAdmin documentation.
  • Click File Manager to go directly to the cPanel File Manager. For help, see the cPanel File Manager documentation.
  • Click FTP Manager to go directly to the cPanel FTP Accounts page. For help, see the cPanel documentation for the FTP Accounts feature.
  • To log in to cPanel directly, browse to http://myDomainName/cpanel, where my domain name is your domain and its suffix, like You’ll need the cPanel login (this Dashboard > Settings section > Account tab) and the Password (from your initial cPanel setup). If you don’t have the password, here’s how to change it.

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