Welcome, everyone!!! So, you are eager to know about the process of change website hosting by keeping the same domain name. If Yes, then you are at your destination because, in this blog, we will learn about Website Migration, Types of Website Migration, where you can buy perfect hosting, and the process of doing website migration? 

It is naive that everyone doesn’t have a similar taste, nor every provider can provide the best service. In case you bought web hosting from some site and after a few days you don’t like the services, that’s the time you may migrate. If your luck is good enough, and your provider has a money-back guarantee, then no problem.  

Transferring Web Hosting is probably similar to shifting your house, where you have to keep details of everything while packing. If you don’t mention any details, then messy stuff will happen later. 

If you don’t know the correct way to change Website Hosting, then get ready to lose traffic, visitors, and your data. Mostly faced by people who want to shift web host, and then their performances get affected with time.

Change Website Hosting Without Changing Domain name

What is Website Migration? (Switch Web Hosts)

Website Migration is some necessary changes required to host your site from one server to another. During these changes, you may lose some data and traffic. Here are some consequences where a person needs to change web host:

If the service provider not offering the things as promised

In case you are stick with some hosting provider for a year, performance isn’t up to mark. 

If you are unable to understand the services of some providers, and they are unable to help you. 

A service provider, having poor customer support, then it’s time to change the hosting provider.

Types of Website Migration:

Below we will know about types of website migration possible: 

Provider Migration (Less Downtime). 

Provider Migration itself signifies, here you will change the service provider, which means moving from the existing to a new one. If you are facing difficulty with your current service provider, then go for a reliable brand like FlickMax. 

You will always enjoy working with us because we offer more than the promised package. One of the best things about FlickMax is, they will help you to migrate your site with less downtime. Their customer service is ready to help you even when half of the world is taking a rest. So, we assure you to get an unbelievable result in choosing FlickMax. 

Server Migration

In Server Migration, the hosting provider remains the same, but you migrate from one server to another as per your requirement. Suppose you are using a shared hosting server, with time your visitors increased, it’s time to move next level. 

Here you will be having two options VPS and Dedicated server hosting. Although the process of Data migration is quite the same, so it’s necessary to have a backup.

OS Migration

OS or Operating System migration takes place when you aren’t acquainted with a particular OS. Here, you will migrate from one operating system to another. For example, you purchased Linux OS, after some time you find it hard to manage, then move to Windows.

Easy Steps to Change Web Hosting Keep Domain Name:

Process-1 Choose a Perfect Web hosting Before Change Web Hosts

Before switch web hosts, it’s necessary to buy a new package from a service provider. There are hundreds of hosting providers available in the market, but you have to choose a reliable host like FlickMax. We assure you about service with unlimited bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and three tire protection for your site.

Here are a few suggestions for shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting, so choose the one that you use or want to upgrade.

Suggested Shared Hosting

FlickMax is offering you the best and reliable shared hosting at a cheaper price in the market. Moreover, you will be getting two options for OS, Linux, and Windows. Here are a few things that you will get with shared hosting by FlickMax: Get It Now

Suggested VPS Hosting

You can upgrade your current shared package to VPS hosting with FlickMax. VPS hosting will be much secure as well as lower prices in comparison to other service providers. There are two OS supported by VPS hosting by FlickMax Linux and Windows. You will be getting unmetered bandwidth and a free SSL certificate. Get It Now

Suggested Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are having traffic in bulk and need more storage to save and backup your data, then go for Dedicated Server Hosting by FlickMax. Dedicated Hosting pack is available at an affordable price, with Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. Get It Now

Most Effective Process to Change Website Hosting by Keep Domain Name

We have discussed the types of Website Migration and the reason behind changing a host. Now, here we will know about the effective way to Change Website Hosting, keeping the same domain name. It seems to be exciting, so let’s start.

Process-2: Create a Backup of Your Website (Important)

Creating backup always a great idea to secure website data and here is also it is important. Before erase anything on your old hosting account create a backup file and download all of your website data to your PC or any local drive. As a benefit you can retrieve your backup data to your new hosting account to relive your website.

There are different types of data backups functionality according to various website platform. If you are user it can be done by installing a plugin but if you are using running your custom build website then it can be possible backup through Cpanel or Plesk interface.

Ok leave it, It seems complicated to you, Right then I have a better solution. Just try our website Backup service with an automatic backup facility and easy restoration, We will handle everything of your need.

Process-3: Re-Update New Hosting DNS record to Go Live

When you change web host your DNS record will be definitely change. DNS record is specially used for locate particular website files over internet, So it must be correctly update otherwise website will not be live.

After backup website files now time to arrange a new hosting platform. To make your domain live you have to update the DNS record on the domain DNS panel (Update A name record on the DNS panel).

Now your domain is live after DNS update but your site still empty.

Process-5: Upload Backup on New Host

To relive a web & retrieve all the data during switch web hosts is very important. To get previous look of website you must be restore your backup data exported from your previous hosting. After uploading backup file your website will gain it’s previous look and all database files.

Process-6: Cancel your Old Hosting Account

Now it’s time to close the Old account like when we stop working with the old product after purchasing of new. So here in change website hosting no need to worry, Your all files and databases have been uploaded successfully and ready to go online. If your old Hosting account contains any other web products like domains, SSls, etc. then let it remain open otherwise only deactivate the hosting service.

Process-7: Preview Your Website Status

After successfully completed all the tasks of change website hosting, you should look for whether it is working correctly or not. So just take a preview of your website which has been migrated to a new hosting account. If you did all the steps correctly then look good otherwise check the steps from the beginning and correct them.

Congratulation Your Website Successfully Migrated

Congratulation, you have finally switched the website successfully. It’s time for the celebration, but don’t sit calmly because the hosting provider is changed, but services and performance yet to be monitored. We hope this above information will help you to the utmost point.

Feel free to ask question below our comment section, if you face any critical issue with change website hosting keep domain name.

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