Did you know? There are almost 1,514 top-level domains (TLDs) available for use. Then, you must think that it is easy to find something unique. Being unique doesn’t matter when it comes to domain name extensions. It will help if you choose a TLD that ranks well on the internet. To help you find the perfect domain name, we at FlickMax have put together a list of popular TLDs. These TLDs are well-known among internet users and thus promote the user’s trust in your website.

But before we dive into the details of each of the most popular domain extensions 2021, let us understand the basics.

What is Domain Extension?

Simply put, domain name extensions are the last part of an URL or website address, or domain name. For example, In “https://flickmax.com”, the domain name extension is ‘.com.’ Needless to say, ‘.com’ is one of the most trusted domain names on the internet.

Domain Extensions

ICANN(Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and many others also refer to domain name extensions as Top-Level Domains(TLDs). If not for TLDs and domain names’ arrival, you would have had to type in a long sequence of IP addresses for each website. It is highly impractical to remember, and the accessibility of websites becomes tough without these TLDs.

In the mid-1980s, IANA(Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) created TLDs to categorize the internet contents. So, the early internet had only very few domain name extensions. And each of these domain name extensions served a specific purpose. But nowadays, the domain names are not confined to their original goals, except for a few.

The following are the commonly identified categories of the domain name extensions/TLDs:

a. Generic Domain Extensions: These are also called gTLDs. These are the most common types of TLDs. There are many options to choose from, and this category of TLDs includes the most popular domain extension, ‘.com.’ Eg.: .com, .org, .net, etc.

b. Sponsored Domain Extensions: These are also called TLDs. Private organizations own this kind of TLD. It only allows a narrow community to use these domains. Eg.: .asia, .aero, .travel, etc.

c. Generic-Restricted Domain Extensions: These domain name extensions are similar to gTLDs. But these domain name extensions are only available to use by a particular group of sectors. E.g., Only government websites can use the ‘.gov’ domain extension. Likewise, only the US military can use the ‘.mil’ extension.

d. Country Code Domain Extensions: These are also called as ccTLDs. This category of TLD is useful in conveying the geographical origin of the website. But this kind of domain name extension is not only used for this purpose. So it is versatile, and the usage is vast. Eg.: ‘.co’, ‘.uk’, ‘.us’, ‘.in’, etc.

Why Popular Domain Extensions Matters?

There are many reasons why a suitable domain extension matters to the growth of your website. The reasons vary depending on the intent of your website and the sector of your website. But the following are the most compelling reasons to choose the best domain extensions:

Rank in Search Engines

Improve Search Rankings

For any internet user to notice your website, it is essential to stay on top of the page, or at least the first page of search results. Most of us do not bother going to the second page of the search results. This is why SEO(Search Engine Optimisation) is essential for your website’s growth. Having the best domain extension can help you increase the chances of ranking higher in search engines.

Having a relevant domain name and domain name extension will naturally increase your website’s reliability. Thus, increasing the reputation of your website. If you opt for a popular domain name extension with higher rankings, your website is sure to succeed. Even Google will not display your website on the first page if it has an extension ‘.live.’ Which, to mention, has a badness index of 5.79.

Target a Particular Country or location

Country Specific Domain

If you want your website to be popular in a specific region, you can use the ccTLDs to increase your search engine ranks. These domain name extensions can help you reach the right audience for your website. Popular search engines like Google focus on giving the users local area results. With just the use of Country Code Domain extensions, you can filter and target the desired audience for your website. For example, using the ‘.uk’ extension will increase your chance of appearing in the searches made by people in London.

Make Own Brand

Build Own Brand

Due to the rise in new domain name extensions, you can use your brand names in domain names and your website’s function in the extension. For example, ‘dominos. Pizza’ is a good domain name extension because it completes the brand’s name. Having a unique and creative domain name and an extension will help you get recognized easily.

The possibilities do not stop there. You can also create email addresses with your domain name. With every email marketing you do, you can promote your brand. And customers are more likely to trust a company that has its business email address. Opting for a well-reputed business email service also comes with perks like protection from viruses and spam.

Collect Good Audience Attention

Generate Audience

You should always be creative when choosing your domain name and domain name extension. There are many numbers of unique and new generic TLDs for you to experiment with. Internet users are more likely to click on interesting website content. That said, you should also use your domain name extension to spark interest. Since a domain name extension is the first thing, your visitor will notice if it is creative. For example, if ‘pizza.com’ is not available, you can use ‘piz.za’ as your domain name. Here ‘.za’ is the ccTLD for South Africa. Be sure that you meet all the requirements before registering for a country-coded domain name extension.

List of Most Popular Domain Extensions

Now, to the important segment of our article. A popular domain extension must enhance the reach of your website. It should serve as the first and foremost marketing tool for your website. It should make your website visible on the top pages of search results and increase the trustability score of your website. The following are some of the most popular domain extensions 2021 that make a positive impact on your website’s growth.



Mostly Use Top Level Domain

This TLD is one of the most used generic top-level domains. It is also the best domain extension that suits almost every purpose of a website. More than 50% of the websites use the .com domain extension. In earlier days, only websites that have a commercial business role used this domain name extension. But over time, the usage of this domain name extension became vast and also became a trust symbol for internet users.

Nowadays, it has become nearly impossible to get a .com domain easily. This is because of its popularity on the internet. It is always advised that you go for a .com domain extension even if you have alternative TLDs for your website. The .com domain is sure to remain on the top of the list as long as the internet uses TLDs.



Alternative Mostly Use Domain Extention

If you have exhausted searching for all alternative domain names that you can register with a ‘.com,’ the next viable option is the ‘.net’ TLD. It is similar to .com in that it is also used by everyone. However, the intended purpose of this domain extension is to specify that the website is for networks/ISPs.

But nowadays, most websites that deal with the technology sector use the .net domain extension. This is also easily available for your desired domain name than the .com domain extension. The chance of you sticking with the domain name you want and also paying a lower price is higher with this TLD. This makes the list of most popular domain extensions 2021 because of their versatility.


3. .co

Modern Version of ".com" Domain

As we all know, two-letter domain name extensions are mostly coded country TLDs. This is also a ccTLD for Colombia, but it is also one of the most popular domain extensions for businesses. Since it sounds like an abbreviation for a corporation or company, most organizations started using this as their TLD. Most people also consider .co as the modern version of .com which was primarily intended for commercial purposes.

Another slick use of this extension is using it as a subdomain name. Which is then followed by a country code, e.g., google.co.in(.in is the country code for India).

Many prefer this domain extension because of its lower price in comparison to the above two. But most often, your customers may type .com instead of .co, which may also redirect them to your competitors’ page.



Might be next ".com"

This is relatively a new generic top-level domain when compared to the rest. But it has gained popularity due to the different websites you can use it for. From startups to huge enterprises, everyone is registering for the .xyz domain name extension. Some even believe that .xyz might be the next .com. Most consider that .xyz represents a newer and more modern generation. Moreover, it easily blends in with any domain name. It also comes at a very low price, making it one of the most popular yet affordable domain extensions.

The .xyz domain extension is not tied to any generic purpose. Hence it represents the whole of the internet, where possibilities are endless. By opting for the .xyz domain extension, you are more likely to get that one-word domain name you always wanted. The availability simply makes it one of the best domain extensions in the market.



Personal Blog Domain Extention

If you are wondering if it is a ccTLD, you are not mistaken. It is the country code for Montenegro. Over recent years, it has become one of the most popular domain extensions due to its versatile nature. Anyone around the world can register for the .me domain extension. Since it is a much lesser-known extension than the ones listed above, it is easily available. It is one of the best domain extensions that stands out in the crowd and one that you can be creative with. For example, if you are running a website dedicated to memes, then you can register ‘.me’ as your domain. And it is available for low prices as well.



Technology Website Domain Extension

Many companies in the technological sectors use this popular domain extension. It is obvious because it is the word technology truncated. Big brands like Intel are also using this popular domain extension for their website. This domain extension gives your website a sense of niche in your field. Since technology is rapidly evolving, this extension is also seen as a sign of growth among internet users.

Even with the rise in its popularity, .tech is still available for most of the generic domain names as well. Google has so many domain extensions; even they do not have a .tech domain. So it is a rare opportunity for you to establish the brand name that you desire.



Indian Country Specific Domain Extention

This is another country code TLD that is gaining popularity with businesses. This is a country code for India. The .in domain extension has many usages, ranging from ISPs to anyone within India. It is very easy to register for the .in domain since it is relatively lesser-known. Nonetheless, there is a huge potential for this domain extension since it does not define any sector or functionality like the .co extension.



United States Country Specific Domain Extension

Unlike the other popular domain extensions that are ccTLDs, only the citizens and entities in the US can use the .us extension. You must either be a permanent resident or have your business registered with the US government to use this extension. There are so many creative ways to use the .us extension. Combined with the domain names, this extension sounds like a phrase. This makes it the most popular domain extension among the people who want to make a statement with their web addresses. Like .gov, this extension also used to belong to the US government’s use only. But after removing the restrictions, this extension is becoming one of the best domain extensions.



United Kingdom Country Specific Domain Extension

The .uk domain extension is fairly popular among businesses. This domain extension is the ccTLD for the UK. But, most businesses see them as a symbol of a professional website. But the only complication is if you have a domain name ending with ‘co.uk’, your competitor might use the same domain name with just ‘.uk.’ And most internet users prefer it short and hence might end up on your competitor’s site. On the plus side, there are no geographical restrictions on this extension, making it the best domain extension for people all around the globe. Unlike the .us extension, you need not have any connection with the UK government to register a domain.



Informative Domain Extension

There is no specific purpose needed to register for this popular domain extension. But most informative websites use the .info extension. This domain extension is the only one among the gTLDs intended for unrestricted use. With this popular domain extension, you are directly conveying that your website has information about a concept/topic. Moreover, this TLD is one of the easiest to grasp. You can have the .info domain as the website where you provide information about your products. You can use the same domain name as your commercial site, which increases the trust of internet users. This easily makes it one of the most popular domain extensions 2021.

Where to Get Good Extension at Good Price?

Buying a domain name is the first step towards building any website. With professional help, you can be sure to make the right choices from the very beginning. FlickMax offers a variety of services ranging from WordPress hosting to domain name registration. Not to mention, it is one of the cheapest ways to buy the best domain extensions. You can even get .com extensions at just $8.99/year. Our website has a dedicated domain name search tool that lists the available extensions for your domain name. The following are the features of our Domain Registration Service:

Domain Forwarding and Masking
Total DNS Control
Change of Registration
Internationalised Domain Name(IDN)
Domain Transfers
Domain Backorders
Bulk Domain Discounts

All you have to do is visit FlickMax and start searching for the appropriate domain name. There will be several options for you to choose from. And we make sure that the most popular domain extensions get listed at the top with the price tag. You can select and register the one that you find most suitable. It is as simple as that.

One of the huge advantages of FlickMax is that you can register multiple TLDs at the same time for the cheapest rates in the market. And you can use any kind of currency to pay for the domain name. With our domain protection service, you can rest well knowing that your domain name stays safe. Visit our website today to start building your dream website by grabbing the best domain extensions!

What did we Get from this article?

To sum up, the domain name extension plays a vital role in amplifying your website’s reach. It would help if you were very careful when selecting a domain name extension. It should be easy to remember and convey the purpose of your website. From this article, it is clear that TLDs are the reason the internet has developed as much. However, the selection of subdomain and domain names also plays a vital role. So be sure that you choose the best registration service when doing your search. This will increase the chances of you getting the best possible results and the best domain extensions for your website.


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