Are you interested in learning how to choose a domain name? Do you want some examples of good domains and bad ones? Do you know that one wrong word in your web address can cost you when trying to generate traffic?

The name you choose is an important part of your success (or lack of success).

Also, choosing the wrong domain name now may lead to issues down the road if you want to change it.

Therefore, you must find and use the right domain name from the start. Don’t worry, there are plenty of paid and free tools to help with this, along with support from the pros.

If you are just starting out and your business is brand new, coming up with ideas for a catchy domain name can be challenging.

While this is true and can be frustrating, some free tips and a bit of professional support can help you with this important task.

Keep reading for some proven advice that will help you choose the best domain name for your website that will be memorable, along with a few reasons this decision is so important.

What Makes a Domain Name So Important?

While learning how to choose domains is important, you may wonder why it’s so important.

There are a few reasons:       

  • It’s the first impression of your business.
  • It affects SEO.
  • It defines your business and existing brand.

These represent just a few of the reasons that you need to consider how to choose a domain name.

Getting Started: How to Choose a Domain Name

How to Choose a Domain Name

Remember, selecting a new domain name is serious business, no matter if you have a WordPress site, or a site custom-made.

You need to make sure that no matter if you use WordPress or another website builder; you choose a web address users will understand and remember.

Are you ready to get started? If so, use the following tips and guidelines to choose a domain name.

Be sure to apply these free tips to all websites you create.


Top-Level Domain Extensions

The TLD or Top Level Domain extensions is part of what you must consider when you choose a domain name.

It is the domain name extension or the part that comes after the website’s name (that’s right; you must figure out more than just what your website will be called).

The most commonly used TLDs for existing businesses include:

  • .com domain extension
  • .org domain extension
  • .net domain extension

While there are other TLDs you can use as well. One example, but it is usually a good idea to stick to the .com domain option if you can.

That’s because, with extensions, com is still the most recognized option for a website.

Sometimes, you may not get your desired name as a .com because it is taken.

For example, basic names like “,” probably won’t be available. Another example would be “,” or “”

Don’t worry; this isn’t the end of the world. Sometimes you can change a word or two to find something that works. You can also find related words. If changing a word isn’t effective, you still have options to create a good domain.

One option is to use free domain generator tools. This will give you an example or two of domain name options. These tools can be invaluable as you work to find domains that make sense for your business.

Also, remember that no matter what type of site you build, WordPress or something else, choosing domains based on the extensions above is necessary.

This is a crucial part of the web address and will affect your SEO and how your website ranks in SERPs.


Use Keywords in the Domain

Keywords play a crucial role in any domain.

When you use keywords in the domain name for your website, you can tell the search engines what the site is all about.

Along with quality content and a positive user experience, Google likes keywords in domains. Try to select a single keyword, since using too many can make the URL seem cluttered. For local businesses, consider using your location.

It’s challenging to find a quality, local domain name with certain target keywords that have not been taken.

Because of this, try thinking outside of the box and getting creative with the keywords and the other words that are used to help make your domain stand out.

The right keyword or keywords could be beneficial when used in your domain, just like they help with your local blog.


Select Something Brandable

Choosing a domain name that is brandable and creative is always preferable to one that is generic.

The domain name for your site is how visitors find you. It will also affect how memorable your brand is.

It is the entire foundation of your brand.

The fundamental difference between generic and brandable domain names is:

Brandable domain names are more memorable for customers.

Generic domain names are usually full of keywords and nothing memorable.

What you have to figure out is how to create or find a more brandable domain name.

There are a few steps to help:

  • Make up new words. This is completely possible. Make new, catchy words. After all, had you ever heard of Yahoo, Bing, or Google before they became search engines?
  • Find the most interesting words. Grab a thesaurus to find different words that fit with your brand name.
  • Use a domain name generator. You can get a bit of help to develop a domain name when using a domain name generator tool.

Be sure to consider comments from past customers. They may have new ideas about what could work as a domain name. Comments can be extremely helpful. Some of the word combinations they choose may help with SEO, too.


Use Something Easy to Type

Think about the domain name you have or are thinking about using.

Will it be easy to type and spell for other people? If you are constantly going to spell it out to people, try to think up something else. Think of an example of an easy-to-remember domain. Mimic this.

Keep your domain name as simple to remember and type as you can.

You want to ensure that your future visitors do not accidentally mistype the domain name you select.

If you use a strange spelling for your domain name, be sure that when you register your new domain, you register its most common misspellings.

This will ensure you can redirect visitors to your actual site if they enter it wrong.


Avoid the Use of Hyphens

You may think using hyphens is a smart way to get the domain you want (especially if the domain is taken).

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to express a hyphen verbally.

Also, using hyphens is going to make it more difficult to type your domain name.

People who are trying to find your site may forget about the hyphens and wind up on a different site entirely.

When you are first brainstorming different domain ideas, avoid using anything that is not a letter.

This includes replacing certain letters with numbers.

This is going to make it easier to remember and type the domain name.


Keep It Short and to the Point

Even though using keywords is a good idea, you shouldn’t go overboard with the length of your domain.

Having a shorter, memorable brand name is always best.

Try to keep the domain under 15 characters. If you have a longer domain name, people will have a hard time remembering it.

Also, the longer the name is, the more likely someone will make a typo when entering it into a search engine.

This can cause you to lose valuable traffic and for your rank in search to fall.

Because of these reasons, keeping your domain name short and sweet is highly recommended. This is beneficial for SEO and search results, too.


Check if the Domain Is in Use

Before moving forward with any domain name, find out if it is available on social media or if there are any trademarks that have been registered to the name.

If you want to build your brand, it is good to have the same name on all your web presences, including your domain and any social media networks you belong to. Once you select the name, trademark it right away.

By doing this, people will become more familiar with your business, and it will be easier for people to find you online.

To avoid potential legal issues, avoid names that have a trademark in place.


Watch Out for Trends

If something is considered “trendy,” there’s a good chance the trend will eventually end or fade away. A better option is to stick with a classic name that will outlast the generations, which isn’t related to any fad or trend.

Figuring out if something is a trend or is here to stay is up to your own personal judgment, but it won’t be hard to determine in most cases.


Avoid Using Double Letters

Doubled letters in your domain name are asking for someone to misspell it. Doubled letters are hard to read, but they are also even more challenging to type properly.

If mistakes occur too often, you may find that someone else starts typosquatting and steals the traffic that should come to you.

Also, if someone has to spend even a few additional seconds trying to figure out the right way to sell your domain, they may give up and go elsewhere for what they are looking for.


Make Sure Expansion Is Possible

Choosing a domain name that is related to your niche or industry is smart. That’s because it provides your users with what they will see on your site.

However, you don’t want to limit the long-term options you have too much.


Don’t Wait

New domains are being registered across the globe each day.

If you have discovered a domain name you want to use, don’t wait to look to register it. Also, check the last updated list to ensure it isn’t taken.

You can compare domain names to real estate. There are thousands of people who are actively searching for quality, brandable domain names they can register in the future.

Failing to act may mean someone else takes the domain name you want. Also, most domain names are cheap to purchase, so even if you change your mind later, you aren’t losing much.

Places to Register Your Domain Name

After choosing the domain name you want to use based on the tips and information above, you must select a domain registrar.

This is the company you will purchase the domain name from.

As you shop around for the best registrar, finding the right one will take some time and effort.

Finding the right registrar is going to help you enhance the perfect domain name you have created.

These include:

  • Domain Transfers: It is good to look at the registrar’s transfer policy. If you read the details and it seems too expensive or complicated, it is best to look elsewhere for this. You may want to change your blog name at some point.
  • Subdomain Options: It is unnecessary to register your subdomains separately. While this is true, you still need to make sure the registrar you choose makes it simple to add the subdomains you have chosen to your website.
  • The Cost: You will find some registrars provide much lower prices during the first year and then go up when it is time to renew. Some also lock you into a contract that lasts for several years. Know all the details before signing anything. Contact support for questions.
  • Privacy Protection for Your Domain: When you own websites, they require that you add personal information to the public database.
  • Expiration Policy: You aren’t really buying the domain name to keep forever. Instead, you are renting it.

Be sure to find a registrar that will provide a grace period and automatic renewals to avoid this fate for your site or blog. Also, find one that offers ongoing support.

Why Choose All in One Web Hosting and Domain Registration

Even though the website hosting industry is vast, and you have many options, it is always good to choose a company that offers both domain registration and web hosting. One service that provides this is FlickMax.

The benefits offered by choosing this service provider include:

You have a single account to keep track of.
Choosing the same provider ensures a better price.
It’s much easier to upgrade your website hosting (or downgrade it) as your business changes.

Having a single provider for all your hosting and domain name needs will take some of the stress and hassle out of managing your online presence.


If you have started your first website, and you are trying to figure out how to choose a domain name, there’s no question that the entire process can be intimidating and overwhelming.

However, if you take the process step by step, you will find it is easier than you imagined having everything worked out and organized.

Are you ready to register your perfect domain name after using the tips above to choose it? If so, FlickMax has you covered.


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