Find the list of Top 10 Best Blog Name Generators. Have you ever maintained a journal? If not, then you are at least well acquainted with term journaling. Introduced back in 1994, a blog is nothing but a type of online journal. When the concept of blogs started, people used it as a form of talking about their thoughts, ideas, and everything else online. Soon, they realized that blogs can be more than that. Nowadays, they are considered a form of communicating information. 

What is a blog? 

By definition, a blog is an informational website that is updated regularly and where writers can easily share their thoughts and information on various topics. Currently, there are over 570 million blogs across the web and this number surely defines the importance that it holds in the present day.

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Are blogs suitable just for personal use? No! People are now a days using blogs for both personal and professional purposes. Many people use blogs for business to increase their ranking on SERPs. Blogs serve the purpose of connecting businesses with their target audience. The other purposes include boosting traffic and generation of potential leads. 

What is Blogging? 

The concept of blogging is growing with every passing day. Do you want your business to become visible? If you’ve just started with your brand, then blogging is undoubtedly the most credible way of business growth and recognition. With everything going online, blogging can help your business gain a competitive edge and grab the attention of potential consumers.

What is Blogging?

Put down in simple terms, blogging is defined as the skills that one possesses to run a blog. These include content curation, regular posting, linking, and several other factors. Alongside, blogging also serves several advantages. These include:

  • It allows your business to gain exposure. 
  • Brands can interact with customers regularly to build brand credibility and create a potential network.
  • Once you receive enough attention, brands can also monetize their blogs. This can usually be done by selling services and products, along with AD management. 

What Is a Good Blog Name and How Does It Matter?

When surfing through the web, you come across ample blogs everyday. But, there is just a handful of them which you remember. The others do not influence or make an impact. Why does this happen? A major reason for this is the blog name. 

How does one get a good blog name? The first and foremost thing is it must be unique, memorable, and short. With this, it should follow your target audience and brand purpose. A unique blog name not just strengthens your brand but also distinguishes you from the others. Often, the best blogs end up choosing common words to form a commendable blog name.

Here are a few things you must consider while naming your blog: 

  • Avoid opting for a longer domain. Try keeping it clear, concise, and short. After all, you don’t want your audience to forget you. 
  • Check whether the audience can spell and pronounce your blog name easily. 
  • Opt for a niche that is specific but scalable. You should be able to provide the audience with quality content even if the niche gets a little exhausted. 
  • Choose a blog name so unique that it possesses the potential of becoming a brand in a particular niche. 
  • Always stick to .com instead of choosing any other fancy domains. These are the most reliable ones in the longer run. 
  • Ensure that your blog name does not infringe any copyright laws. 

What Is the Difference Between Keyword-Based Names and Brand-Based Names for Blogs?

There are mainly two types of approaches followed while keeping a blog name or domain name. These are:

1. Keyword-based Names

Keywords are those words that are generally used by the audience while searching for something on the web. Keyword-based blogs enhance visibility while searching. This also provides your brand with a kickstart in the search engine. They have an edge over others because they instantly provide the customer with the products they are looking for. 

2. Brand-based Names

The other viable options for naming your blog are based on your brand. These names are usually random ones or just names inspired by the names of some people who grow out to be a potential brand name in the specific niche. One of the most popular names is Neil Patel, whose blog has become synonymous with marketing tactics and digital marketing platforms. 

What Are Some of the Types of Blog Names in Various Niches and How to Create One?

Some of the tips to follow while creating a blog name are as follows:

  • It should be enthralling and creative. 
  • Ensure that blog anime and blog itself offers value to the target audience. 
  • It should be relatable. 
  • The blog names should deliver information and should be helpful. 
Kind Of Blog Topics

Here is a list of the types of blog names in various niches:

1. Travel Blog

These names should be fun and engaging simultaneously. You can start by brainstorming words like wanderlust, expedition, destination, and others. You can also make it a little witty to ensure that the name promotes trust. 

2. Lifestyle Blog

These blogs should exhibit carefree and happy vibes. Provide the readers with fun life hacks and allow them to vicariously enjoy the experience just by reading your blogs. The name of your lifestyle blog should be abstract. 

3. Food blog

The food itself covers ample niches. Clarify what sort of food are you going to cater to the audience. This will allow the audience to have an overview of what they will get. Suppose, if your blog contains the word ‘diet’ the readers are likely to assume that it will provide them with content related to healthy eating. 

4. Creative Blog

These blogs generally address creative categories which include art, illustration, photography, and others. Usually, people tend to use these types of blogs for creative purposes. For example, a blog for DIY and artistic things can be called ‘A crafty store’, and similarly for photography, it can be ‘Capturing moments’. 

5. Personal Blog

These blogs come with no conditions applied. They are beyond any topics or restrictions. These blogs are usually to serve online engagement and are for fun. Individuals can also put down their ideas, represent their skillsets, and even talk about their passion which can be of great help in their career aspects.

However, if you want to bring in more audience and build a connection with them for the long run, it is advisable to focus on a particular niche, or maybe talk of experiences in a certain way. This will also play a key role in building a loyal readership. 

6. Beauty Blog

When talking of names for a beauty blog, it must always be around the idea of beauty like elegant, glamour, alluring, and others. Many personal and beauty brands also start with their blogs which further lends credibility to the blogs. If you are planning to or have a career in the beauty industry, then, having a beauty blog is a good idea. This will help you build a potential client base online as well. 

What is the Blog Name Generator? 

Are you struggling to find a creative and apt name for your blog? Are you unable to brainstorm some quirky names for your blog that are one of their kind? Well, you can get this done easily with blog name generators. But, what are the blogging name generators? Of what help are they to bloggers?


A blog name generator is an online tool that provides you with creative and unique names for your blog, based on the keywords, your brand name, and several other factors. Moreover, they also help you in checking whether there are any other domain names similar to the ones you are choosing and how you can make your blog name unique. This sounds good. Doesn’t it? 

But, why does a blog name even matter in the first place? A blog name is like your digital identification. In other terms, the audience knows you by this name. It is the first thing that appears on the URL and is more like a first impression for the audience. People should easily remember your domain name so they keep coming back to your blog. Here are a few advantages a good blog name serves and why you should choose a blog name generator:

  • It reflects your content type and the purpose it serves. 
  • A catchy and quirky tagline draws more attention to your blog. 
  • It helps in leveling up your reputation across the web. 
  • If you have a blog name that is target-specific, it will help in increasing your popularity by leaps and bounds. 

Once you know what a blog generator name is and the benefits it holds, why not opt for one? After all, you want to choose nothing but the best for your blog to stand apart in the competitive online platforms. We’ve provided you with a list of the best blog name generators you can choose from.

The Best Blog Name Generators for 2021

Here is a list of the top Blog name generators that you can choose from and get the appropriate name for your blog:

  1. Wordoid
  2. Name Mesh
  3. Domain Wheel
  4. Panabee
  5. IsItWP
  6. Name Generator
  7. Zyro Name Generator
  8. Nameboy
  9. Instant Domain Search
  10. 123finder

1. Wordoid

It is an exceptional tool that helps you in finding a brandable and out-of-the-box name for your blog. All you have to do is enter a keyword related to your blog, and voila! You have ample options to choose from right in front of you. It suggests you with blog names from characters between 5-15. You can also choose the quality level for your blog name among low, medium, and high. Further, you can also adjust the pattern of the wordoid.

This means you can add specific words in the beginning, end, or middle of the name. Moreover, the best part about this tool is that supports five languages. These are Spanish, French, German, English, and Italian.

Find Your Ideal

2. Name Mesh

If you feel overwhelmed by the innumerous suggestions that other blog name generators offer, then Name Mesh is the right option for you. It allows you to enter a set of specific keywords related to your blog and provides you with a set of names based on various categories.

Some of these categories include SEO friendly, new, short, etc. Further, it also provides you with information regarding registered domains. 

3. Domain Wheel

It is among the most popular blog name generator tools. With the tool, you can easily identify ample domain names for the blog. On their landing page itself, they provide you with some popular keywords which make the search easier. Else, you can also type in the keywords to get suitable results according to the niche and specific requirements.

Domain Wheel provides you with short names that can also be used to build a brand. If you plan on growing your brand, then it is no harm to get started off with these words. 

4. Panabee

It is a powerful tool to get ideas for blog names. It is not just limited to getting blog names but also provides you with suggestions for blog titles, similar keywords, business names, and even app names. For every suggestion that it provides, it also provides how it came up with the name.


Alongside, when suggesting names, they tell you which ones are taken and which ones are available. It has an amazing interface and it gets your work done by typing in just a few keywords. 

5. IsItWP

It is an intelligent and free domain name generator. It provides you with ample name suggestions for your blog to choose from. You just need to enter the suitable keywords, and you will have several names served on your platter.


They provide you with a variety of combinations of words, and if you are not satisfied you can start the search again to get a list of new blog names. 

6. Name Generator

It is a great tool that suggests quirky blog name ideas. They take in inputs of minute details for blog names right from verbs, adjectives, names to other aspects. You can skip the option of entering personal details like place, and the system generates several names for you.

Name Generator

This tool does not come with the option of checking domain availability. However, it does provide you with several suggestions to help you find the appropriate blog name. 

7. Zyro Name Generator

It is a business name generator tool that is AI-powered. It is well integrated with AI technology which helps you in generating a new name for your blog or business. You just need to enter the keywords, and you will have the list of names right in front of you.

8. Nameboy

It is yet another very popular tool for blog name generation. Moreover, it is among the oldest tools available in the market. It is quick, easy to use, and a very efficient tool. You just need to enter the keywords to get your list of suitable blog names. It will provide you with tons of creative blog ideas from which you can choose.

Moreover, this tool checks the availability of domain names in accordance with Bluehost. This eliminates the hassle of going and checking the domain availability separately. 

9. Instant Domain Search

This tool starts providing you with a list of blog names as you start typing in the keywords. It provides you with the results in the form of three categories.


These include extensions, domain name ideas, and the domains which are available for sale along with their pricing. 

10. 123finder

This blog name generator has similar functionality to all other tools. However, it does have some distinguishing features which include:

  • The users can choose the maximum and minimum input characters. 
  • This tool also provides complete information about the registered domains. 
  • To make the sorting process easier, it provides the users with the option of segregating tools based on alphabets. 

These are some of the best tools used as blogging name generators. There are various other tools available on the web which one can choose from. However, before choosing anyone it is a good idea to check for its reliability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Come Up with a Blog Name?

Choosing a blog name can be tricky. So, here are a few things to consider while generating a blog name:

  • Know the blog niche. You must be well-versed with whatever content you are providing to the audience. Authenticity should be your priority.
  • Know the target audience. This will highly influence your blog name.
  • Understand your writing style and work on it.
  • Ensure that your blog niche is scalable. There is a high chance that at some point in time your blog topics will get exhausted. That is when you require a little more flexibility.

2. Should I Name My Blog After Myself? 

There is no harm in doing so. In fact, there are many bloggers who have blogs by their name. However, it is always a good idea to compare the pros and cons while doing so. Keeping the blog by your name allows people to feel connected to you more personally. This also provides you with the liberty of switching topics.

After all, the readers associate with you more than the content at times. Alongside, to better describe your work, you can always opt for a tagline. However, if you are running a business, it is better to keep the business name as your domain name. This makes it easier for the customers to reach out to you. 

3. How Do I Create a Catchy Website Name? 

Do you want to attract more audience to your website? Well, here are some tricks which you can use to create a catchy name for your website:

  • Go and grab the thesaurus. It can provide you with a goldmine of words, which is better than any other method in the present day. You can also convey your brand name to buy experimenting with different words. 
  • Look at the blog names of your competitors. After all, you need to have an edge over the competitors. And it is absolutely a no-brainer and will help you gain an idea of what your blog name should be to get your creative juices flowing. 
  • Opt for a blog name generator. These online tools are surely the savior in the present-day scenario. They allow you to create the blog name well according to your preferences and niche. 
  • Choose a different language for the blog name. This will surely help you stand apart in a saturated market. You can even use words with shorter syllables and the ones which can be pronounced easily. 
  • Play with words. It can be overwhelming to not be able to find the perfect domain name. Tools like Panabee use a diverse range of methods to help you get the name of your choice. They use suffixes, prefixes, and even provide you with alternative name suggestions. 
  • Another very fancy way is using alliteration. It is not just creative but eye-catching at the same time. It adds fluidity to the blog name making it sound more attractive. 
  • Last but not the least, you can use your own name for your blog. Well, what’s more, unique than that? 


To summarize, many people have taken up blogging in the present day. In fact, a lot of them earn through it. So, why not just get started? And what is a better way to get started than having a good and appealing blog name? We have provided you with all the tips and tricks to name your blog.

Even more, the blogging name generators or Blog Name Generators are surely the saviors for one and all. The name of blogs varies depending on the types of niches. So, what are you waiting for? Get all your creative juices flowing by starting your blog right away. 


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